Q. What is the Data Science courses all about?
A. Data Science includes a group of skills that enables a person to work with data and use it to manipulate and provide insights for users across the spectrum. Such insights form the basis for Policy Making in all areas of working, Marketing Initiatives and Tactics, Communication Plan and manage Perception, Focused Delivery mechanisms, Productivity Enhancements, Prevention of Frauds and Leakages and almost all areas of activities across all sectors. Courses on Data Science provides the framework within which a student initiates this journey and builds on their existing knowledge of Data Analysis but more so the implementation areas. As one moves ahead imagination of application areas become broader and that’s when the technical skills required to materials the imagination are used. Students can expect to build a integrated performance of business applicability of the techniques of Data Analytics in these Data Science Courses.
Q. What are the Programs all about?
A. The Programs seek to initiate a student into the world of Data Analytics by introducing the fundamental principles and then take them through examples from real life scenarios using IDEA Data Analysis Software or easily available free license software like R and Python or mostly available software like MS Excel®. The Programs have been designed by experienced faculty keeping a practical slant at all times.
IDEA Data Analysis 101 seeks to provide the skills to embark on the journey of analytics and prepare for greater insights for improved business outcomes. Analytics for Managers and Leaders introduces the subject and establishes a foundation for Data Science. Advanced Course allows a Student to use Statistics and Technology to create complex framework for decision making including Machine Learning  and automating the process.
The Programs have been designed to include skills that are in demand in the industry. You can maximize your chances of entering the field of analytics, big data and machine learning with these Programs.
Q. Do I get a certificate at the end of my Program?
A. Yes, you will get a Completion Certificate at the end of the complete Program.
Q. By when will I get my certificate after Program completion?
A. Upon completion of your Program including the Graded Tests , where given, and score more than 50% in the Graded Tests, you will get your Certificate of Achievement within 1 month. The Certificate provides a sound basis of certifying the skillsets possessed by the Student.
Q. How do I enrol for the Program?
A. Once you click on Enrol for a Program you have 2 options – Enrol as an Individual or Enrol as a Corporate User. Based on your preference you may select any one.
As an Individual, you may click on enrol user, provide the details and make the payment using the Payment Gateway. You may pay by using any Debit Card or Credit Card (Master or Visa) or by Net Banking. In case of a Student from outside India, you may pay using your Credit Card.
If your organisation has already nominated you, you will receive an email from the Admissions Team at Sama Learning Centre and you can start your journey.
If you would like to nominate yourself and your team members you can click on as a Corporate User, provide details as requested and make payment. In case you desire to pay by Cheque, please inform us on info@samaaudit.com and we will be glad to help you with the offline admission process.
Q. After payment, when will I get access to my subscription?
A. On Payment, the Login Access will be activated within 48 hours.
Q. We are not able to see the Login Details email?
A. Please check you Spam/Junk folder. Please choose the Safe Sender option for admissions@samaaudit.com and elearningsupport@samaaudit.com. In case you are unable to see the email please send an email to elearningsupport@samaaudit.com. 
Q. How Do I Login? 
A. Please Create an Account on https://samalearningcentre.com. After due verification of the account, please LOGIN to your Account and access the Sama Learning Centre using the Login( UserName is your email ID) and Password shared in your welcome email. For any difficulty, please write to elearningsupport@samaaudit.com.