Sama Learning Centre seeks to offer academic courses in the areas of Governance, Risk, Compliance and Data Science. Organisations today are faced with an environment that is extremely dynamic and being influenced by creatively disruptive ideas. The Management and Operational skills necessary to govern and manage the exposures to succeed are therefore evolving in different dimensions and with a range of perspectives. The Regulatory framework and the control framework in organisations are increasing the stakes for an organisation for ongoing robust compliance to the myriad rules and regulations, policies and procedures. Data explosion and related technologies over the last 2 decades has made available to organisations opportunities for sharply targeted offerings and ability to rapidly adapt to customer/management expectations. “Big Data” as a synonym of this phenomena is thus actively put to use.

The skills required by managers and professionals to deal with these contextual changes mandates continuous learning . As Drucker has said that knowledge workers of the day will need to establish and maintain a program of continuous learning to remain at the forefront of their careers. ( Something more on Managing Oneself).

Sama Learning Centre is proud to therefore launch their elearning offerings in the field of Data Science for managers, professionals and students to garner skills that will allow them to do more with what they have today and thereby enhance their ability to support the organisation in superior achievement of objectives.

Sama Learning Centre is supported by leaders in the space of Governance, Risk, Compliance and Data Science and have more than 75 man years of experience in these areas. Their inputs have been invaluable in defining the courses and also ensuring its practical relevance to business situations and realities.

We are seeking to offer learning opportunities that will enable individuals to excel in their chosen sphere of work and take their functions and businesses to the next phase of growth and progress.